residential-004-7517811 So you've been buying herbs at the store or at the farmer's market. With the former, it's convenient, and with the latter, it's nice to support local businesses. But ask yourself this: when was the last time you actually used up all of your herbs before it went bad? How much of the packet or bundle of herbs was already unusable by the time it had to go into your food? With an Urban Cultivator indoor garden, not only do you have immediate access to herbs and microgreens, making it incredibly convenient, but creating waste is a thing of the past. In this, you won't ever have to throw away herbs—which is essentially throwing away your money—again.

micro-greens-health-benefits-e1404326270769-8579195 We've talked a bit about microgreens and their health benefits, but just how does it all breakdown when these tender young things go head-to-head with their mature counterparts? Urban Cultivator is currently working on an extensive study about the nutritional impact of microgreens with the University of Alberta, but while that study percolates, here's a starting guide all the nutritional details you wanted to know about microgreens vs. their mature counterparts., an online community for entrepreneurs headed by Dragons' Den cast member Arlene Dickinson, recently caught up with Urban Cultivator's very own CEO, Tarren Wolfe, to discuss the company. Touching on how it all started—Tarren wanted to find a solution to his wife's food allergies—he then talks about the importance of family, and the ultimate end goal of our company.

cfo_campaignheader2-1002242 Celebrated Vancouver-based chef, Ned Bell, who heads the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver's award-winning Yew Seafood + Bar, will be embarking on a cross-Canada bicycle trip in hopes of increasing awareness for sustainable seafood. The 10-week journey will begin in Newfoundland on July 1, and finish in Vancouver on September 10. As the founder of Chefs for Oceans, this won't be just a sight-seeing trip—he hopes to raise money for the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise program, SeaChoice, and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.

lettuce-ready-to-harvest-day-14-7-1024x768-8447446 One complaint that people have about eating healthy is the lack of high-quality organic produce. It can be hard to source your own greens, such as lettuce. But why purchase lettuce when you can easily grow your own? Satisfy the culinary adventurer within you and start from scratch to grow your own lettuce. We've got some tips on how to do just that.

martha-15-6569065 A few weeks ago, our CEO Tarren Wolfe visited Martha Stewart in New York, and helped Martha plant some new herbs and greens in her Urban Cultivator Commercial units. Just the other day, Martha and her team gave us an update on her indoor garden, and—not like we'd expect anything less from Martha—it looks like her garden is truly in full bloom! Check out her plants below.