Introducing the “MatureGreens” tray extension. Our latest accessory able to transform Your Microgreen Garden into a Full-Sized Plant Oasis!

The MatureGreens tray extension: Your ticket to bigger harvests

With the “MatureGreens” tray extension, you can finally enjoy the best of both worlds and take your gardening game to exciting new heights!

Our brand new accessory lets you grow full-sized plants on top of your microgreens in our Cultivator Commercial model! Simply slide it onto one of your 4 drawers, add Click & Grow’s preseeded pods and get ready to harvest your favorite herbs, vegetables and flowers in as little as 4-12 weeks!


The MatureGreens tray extension is now available for purchase, just click on the button below. You’ll also find our first selection of Click & Grow plants, sold right in our store!


Introducing our New Partner: Click & Grow!

Exciting news for all you indoor gardening enthusiasts! To provide you with more growing options without compromising on its ease-of-use or plant quality, Urban Cultivator joined forces with fellow indoor garden powerhouse Click & Grow to create an unbeatable combination of expertise, technology and convenience.

Click & Grow offers a unique and innovative way to grow your own plants with ease and convenience. An impressive feature of the company’s smart soil technology is that it is inspired by NASA technology, creating the perfect environment for adult plants to thrive in.

The MatureGreens tray extension is designed to accommodate Click & Grow’s popular plant pods, offering our customers an easy way to grow fresh, locally sourced herbs and vegetables all year round.

How it works

By combining Urban Cultivator’s smart cultivating system with Click & Grow’s plant pods, we created an extremely user-friendly system that enables you to turn any of your trays into mature plant gardens. Since Urban Cultivators were originally designed to grow microgreens, the MatureGreens tray extension comes with additional upgraded light ballasts to ensure you can maintain the optimal grow conditions. Our Top 10 Click & Grow plant types, tested and tried, are the first to appear in our store. These include Basil, dill, arugula and coriander, you’ll find the whole list featured here.

More about the MatureGreens tray extension

The MatureGreens tray extension accessory is a game-changer for Urban Cultivator customers. The Smart Soil used in the biobased plant pods are state of the art and made from natural materials, such as leftover coconut coir and peat, ensuring that plants are 100% clean, free of harmful substances and free of any living organisms like insect eggs. While you are easily producing a garden full of foliage, we will be continuing to grow our assortment with fully tested greens!

Thanks to Click & Grow’s technology, the MatureGreens tray extension allows your plants to grow 30% faster than traditional growing methods, while the Cultivator serves to regulate and smartly automate the process. The MatureGreens tray extension can contain up to 69 pods and harvest an impressive amount of produce.
The Smart Soil distributes water evenly throughout the plant pod, ensuring that plant roots have access to water at all times. It also maintains the perfect pH-level and provides the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients for plant growth.
The plant pods are made from natural, renewable materials and contain no harmful substances, making it safe for home use.

Click & Grow’s patented plant pod automatically releases nutrients, oxygen, and water, making it easier for plants to sprout quickly. Their pre-seeded plant pods make planting easy and allow you to harvest fresh produce in no time. Other benefits of Click & Grow include their wide range of plant varieties, 100% clean smart soil, and reduced environmental impact.
With Click & Grow, you can enjoy the benefits of indoor gardening with minimal effort and maximum results.

New System, Endless Possibilities.

  • From Micro to Macro

    You can now grow Full-Sized Greens alongside your microgreens!

  • Plug & Play

    Like all our products, this accessory is very easy to install and to use!

  • Get Plant Pods Right Here

    Buy our Top 10 favorite plant types straight from our own Store!

  • Light Upgrade to Grow Mature

    You get free light ballasts to help create the perfect growing conditions!

  • Highest quality in flavor

    Expect the same result you get with our microgreens – fresh, fast, flavorful!

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