Want to sell Cultivators?

There are several ways you can! Help us ensure our Cultivators’ healthy and sustainable, not to mention delicious, greens can be enjoyed by everyone.

Become a (Master) Distributor

The door is always open to those who wish to help spread our Cultivators around the world. Our products are available worldwide, but we have a lot of ground to cover and would happily welcome local partnerships to increase our range even further. Master distributorship can also be applied for in several remaining major territories cited below. This comes with a few extra requirements in return for full exclusivity. Each of our new distributors can count on the necessary product training and onboarding, sales material and customer support.

Become a Dealer

We take in pride in our Cultivators being the crown jewel of many companies’ product catalog. Garden centers, interior design architects, kitchen designers, electronic appliance retailers – our unique indoor gardens attract customers who yearn for a closer look. Spruce up your showroom or online store with a dazzling green scene full of live, tasty-looking plants. Find out below, or by contacting us, if there is a match!
Support our vision to supply people everywhere with healthy and sustainable food, and a kitchen upgrade that is trending non-stop!


All products come straight from the manufacturer. This keeps a short channel on distribution and allows our partners to keep price elevation to a minimum. Volume discounts are available and vary per region.


Newcomers receive training to eliminate the need for constant tech support. As the Cultivator is easy to use, this process is short. We do, however, remain available to assist you with any and all questions along the road.


Spreading our Cultivators reduces the carbon footprint and need for fertilizers that regular, store-bought greens consume. You will effectively be contributing to a healthier, more sustainable environment.


Urban Cultivator sells its Residential model directly to the consumer or via companies in the fields of architecture & design, furniture and more. The Commercial model has successfully been integrated into many hotel kitchens, as well as companies, restaurants, supermarkets and stores.


Vertical farming solutions are all the rage right now, and it looks like it’s here to stay. The difficulty for competitors lies in the amount of time and funding needed to create this type of product. Our 10+ years of experience gives us a natural edge we intend to keep.


We are always looking to perfect our existing assortment and provide the latest in design and functionality. Our Cultivators are fully automated and require little to no effort before you can sit back and watch your seeds turn into greens.

Our Urban Cultivators

Want to sell Cultivators?

Several distributor and dealer territories are currently open across the globe.


What are the requirements to become a dealer or distributor?

Depending on the type of product you are interested in, you will need sufficient warehouse space. The Urban Cultivator Residential, including packaging, is around 26’x26’x32’ or 65x65x80cm (LxWxH). For the Urban Cultivator Commercial, this is 67’x28’x83’ or 170x70x210cm. 

It is strongly recommended that you have some experience and a network in the growing industry and/or selling electronic appliances. 

Lastly, we believe all of our partners should share in our mission to contribute to healthier, more sustainable living.

What are some of the territories open to distributorship?

You can apply from everywhere to find out what opportunities we currently offer. A few of the territories where we are actively on the lookout for (master) distributors are: North America, South America, the UAE, Scandinavia, China and Japan.

What is the initial investment needed to apply?

For each territory, we calculate the minimum inventory you need to order, based on logistics and local product requirements. While we provide some sales material and general marketing tools, as well as forwarding leads, you will be responsible for all marketing efforts. Initial training and support are free of charge.

Here are a few extra qualities we are looking for in a partner: 

Experience in

The building industry

Architecture / Design

Hotels / Restaurants

Catering Industry

Basic knowledge of

Sales and distribution

Advertisement & promotion

Market development

Import / Export

Sales force

Market study required

Active participation in promotional events (Conferences, trade shows, ad campaigns)

Order management & inventory

Initial minimum purchase volume requirements

Annual purchase volumes

Other requirements

Minimum initial duration of 1 year for the distribution agreement

No-competition distribution

Any other questions?

Please contact us here.