Urban Cultivator Feature #1: Treating the Water

Urban Cultivator Feature #1: Treating the Water

The Urban Cultivator uses a hydroponics farming system to grow microgreens more efficiently and quickly than regular farming. By using water instead of soil to feed nutrients to a plant’s roots, you actually use less of it than you would with soil. Water makes the nutrients more accessible to plants’ roots, whereas Light and Air feed the upper parts. It hydrates, eliminates toxins and keeps the plants cool.

Do you remember to drink enough water every day?

It’s easy to forget we ourselves need water to be fit and healthy, and even easier when it comes to our home-grown plants. With the Urban Cultivator’s water supply system, you can schedule each level’s watering cycle separately to meet the needs of the varying plants you have chosen. There is no waste and no risk of over-watering this way. If you prefer to do it manually, it will notify you automatically when the water reservoir needs to be refilled. Here is an extensive list of herbs & microgreens, with their preferred watering schedule.

A few water-themed warnings though… what fun!

  • Since the Cultivator is connected to your city water, if you have one make sure to check your water pressure every now and again to see if it is safely under 60psi. Higher pressures can lead to the components getting damaged.
  • Cultivators are adapted to be used indoors, however it is recommended to make sure your house’s humidity levels remain stable between 30% and 60%.
  • To find out more about how to set up and maintain an Urban Cultivator, you can visit our Support page.

Indoor Hydroponics as a sustainable solution

As we all know, we should be conserving water as much as we can. From turning the tap off while brushing our teeth and taking shorter showers, to ensuring we only wash full loads in our dishwashers and washing machines, we often make the effort to be responsible. Hydroponics and vertical growing systems were designed as another way to reduce water usage as well as take up less space. With these installed in home kitchens and restaurants, they also provide freshly harvested greens to anyone anywhere without the need to travel (and that goes for you as well as the greens).