Urban Cultivator Feature #3: “Bending the Air“

Urban Cultivator Feature #3: “Bending the Air“

The Air Necessities

As much as we love and want to take care of our plants, we cannot be the air they breathe. Unlike us, they absorb carbon dioxide to create oxygen, not the other way around! With Indoor Farming, ensuring they are getting the best treatment through proper air flow and ventilation is key.

Plants need fresh air circulation to live, thrive and grow. As a welcome breeze passes, it takes away moisture, recycling the air with fresh CO2 and nutrients. The CO2 in the air, working alongside Light, allows them to create sugars needed to grow. You no doubt remember (and, like most people, already forgot) learning about this process in school: Photosynthesis. Getting goosebumps yet? That’s not cold air, it’s nostalgia!

How else does air help plants grow?

Like Water, air provides plants with several nutrients. It combats dampness which can cause unwelcome diseases or, in nature of course, attract a few hungry critters. On top of that, sprouts and young plants need the wind to help them strengthen their growing limbs and encourage ‘competition’. This enables them to grow upwards without bending and possibly breaking under their own weight. Long story short, every single part of a plant needs care and attention in multiple ways. Not an easy feat when designing Indoor Farms! Fortunately, microgreens are better suited for indoors than regular greens, if the right conditions are met. 

Urban Cultivator’s Air Regulation System

To make life for you and your plants easier and more carefree, the Urban Cultivator has built-in fans to circulate airflow. They regulate air renewal to keep your plants strong and healthy, and keep the temperature stable. A few degrees more or less can have a big influence on growth! During the fragile germination stage, the humidity domes provided protect the seeds and adjust the air supply until a sprout is strong enough to grow unfettered. 

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