Urban Cultivator Feature #2: “Shining the Light“

Urban Cultivator Feature #2: “Shining the Light“

Spectrums of light, diversity and taste

With the Urban Cultivator you don’t need to worry about missing out on growing your own herbs and microgreens simply because you suffer the lack of a green thumb, or live somewhere without a garden. It even takes away the need for sunlight provide the necessary energy for growth.

Microgreens grow well with a variety of light sources, which is lucky for those living in areas with unreliable sunlight or no means to plant outdoors. Artificial grow lights imitate the sun’s rays on growing plants, making it possible to get the freshest and tastiest results from modern-day vertical farms in your home or business. 

Illuminating solutions to light up your greens

For a long time, fluorescent lighting has been the light of choice for anyone wanting to try their hand at urban farming. When you turn your fluorescent lights on, they produce an ultraviolet light and mimic the sun’s intensity. The UC uses these with a heat shield, to protect your plants from burning once they grow too close. Its lights can easily be replaced if needed.

Setting the correct lighting cycles for your plants is important. Too much or too little light will damage your sprouts. They can either be overheated and dry from excessive light, or become leggy, weak and thin from having to stretch to try and get more. The Urban Cultivator has 18 hours on followed by 6 hours off as the default setting. Since almost no microgreens require light 24/7, this is recommended most of the time. Of course, some types of microgreens may require more light than others, some less, so you can choose to change to another light cycle or keep them on continuously. Our Support page will help you decide which is best for each plant you decide to grow.