apartment-in-hong-kong-2-2-1024x683-5498077 Architectural Digest recently featured a stunning home designed by Hong Kong-based commercial interior design studio that utilizes sustainable materials, filters for clean water, as well as an Urban Cultivator in the eco-sensitive home. The 1,730 sq. ft. three-bedroom apartment located in Hong Kong's Clearwater Bay was designed by Rowena Gonzales, the founder of Liquid Interiors. Strongly influenced by her learnings on cancer triggers that suggest high formaldehyde levels that are created from home renovations, Gonzales' mission is to design interiors that do not have the negative side effects of renovations past. Below is a highlight from the feature:

how-to-cut-a-head-of-cauliflower-1-683x1024-4280295 Cauliflower is, of course, not new, but there seems to be a refreshed interest in this cousin of broccoli. From cauliflower rice to pizza crusts, this dynamic vegetable is inserting itself into every meal. The proof? There's been a steep increase in the popularity of packaged cauliflower products, according to Nielsen. And it's no surpriseā€”in addition to being delicious and versatile, cauliflower is also incredibly good for you.

how-to-pair-fresh-spring-and-summer-produce-with-cannabis-4638593 Seasonality of what you consume is more important than ever. Not only are restaurants adopting the practice of creating dishes that use ingredients that are in season, but many grocery stores are also beginning to do the same. One of the most important things you can do is to arm yourself with the knowledge of what's in season during certain months so you can make the most out of the produce. In-season produce not only tastes better, but you're also supporting the local farmers and eliminating your carbon footprint by minimizing orders for items that aren't available in your area, but are grown across the world and have to be shipped. Here's what's in season during Spring 2019.

wallcoo_holiday_decorations_1014-9043550 Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and if we're all being honest to ourselves, sometimes, Valentine's Day plans get put on the back-burner. If you're a bit behind with the planning, don't worry, as we've got some healthy alternatives to the nightmare that is going out for dinner on Valentine's Day. Featuring fresh herbs and vegetables, these dishes will leave you and your date feeling good. Here are some healthy meals to make for this Valentine's Day.

shutterstock_356792147-1111280 Dairy milk, though still a staple in many families, is slowly being edged out for alternative milks like soy and almond. Whether this decision is due to health or animal welfare, we're seeing in a soaring popularity of alternative milks, with oat being in with the latest trend. Of course, each alternative milk provides its own benefits as well as properties that some drinkers should be aware. Below, we explore a few of the most popular varieties. See which one fits your lifestyle the most!

2018 is over, and it's time to see what the New Year has to offer. And one of our favorite things? Looking at the upcoming health food trend predictions! With a new year, also brings new and exciting things to try, and we have some exciting things to obsess over come 2019. Without further ado, here are the health food trends to look out for in 2019.

1e35d83b6ebc0bb3a7ae112cc63cf5b8-1984529 The new year is all about starting a new, which means there's no better time than now to create some resolutions to help you live a better 2019. We understand that resolutions can be hard to keep. Without the proper steps to achieve your goal, it can all come crumbling down in one fell swoop. One particularly difficult resolution to follow through with is eating better. In school, we learned that it was best to KISS your goals, or to "Keep It Simple, Silly." So, we've set out some simple guidelines that can hopefully help you eat better in 2019. The goal isn't to deprive your body of good food; it's to change your relationship with food into a more sustainable, healthier one. Here are eight ways to help you eat better, without sacrificing all the good flavours that fresh food has to offer.