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Growing With NAIT in Alberta

Last week our CEO Tarren Wolfe had the pleasure of visiting our friends at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

This amazing school is training the future Canadian Chefs, and they're doing it with an Urban Cultivator Commercial growing appliance.

The event featured some amazing dishes that showcase the amazing flavours the can be grown indoors with Urban Cultivator.

Kale, amaranth, sunflower, pea, and beet greens are a few of the greens that NAIT is growing in their Urban Cultivator Commercial.

Here are a few quick shots from the event.

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Urban Cultivator Commercial in NAIT

Microgreens grown in Urban Cultivator

A chef cutting herbs in NAIT

Tarren in NAITMore to come as culinary schools grow with us.

Interested in having a Commercial Cultivator growing fresh food in your school? Contact us here.

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