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Growing Hearty Sunflower Indoors

Sunflower micros

Sunflowers are gorgeous, but in micro form, they are not just a pretty face. Over 25% of its content is protein, and they are rich in vitamin B and hormone-balancing zinc. Sweet in flavor and a hearty texture, sunflower micros are great addition to one’s diet.

During its germination process, the sunflower’s nutritional value increases from 300 to 1,200%. Sunflower micros’ high iron content and chlorophyll aid in combating amenia and the detoxification of the liver and blood, respectively. They also have the ability to clear the lungs of congestion.

Sunflower micros are also high in zinc, an essential mineral for men, as well as folate, essential for pregnant women, aiding in the development of the baby’s nervous system. Considering their sweet, earthy flavor and crisp texture, sunflower micros are a great snack and can easily be incorporated into a number of dishes.

How To Grow Hearty Sunflower in an Urban Cultivator

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