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UC Abroad: Microsoft Headquarters at Redmond, Washington

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Microsoft has been providing quality technology for 40 years now, constantly innovating and finding new ways to better the technological world.

The corporation has offices all over the globe, including India, China, and Russia. For a company of its size and influence, it makes sense that Microsoft's true piece de resistance is their headquarters, located in Redmond, Washington.

The massive, sprawling campus is located in Redmond, Washington, and is more like a community than it is an office. Comprised of multiple buildings, you actually need shuttles to take you around.

There are beach volleyball courts, soccer fields, and a multitude of great restaurants, because of course, Microsoft employees need brain food!

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Recently, our CTO Davin MacGregor and Mechanical Designer Ali Ghadyali went to visit the Urban Cultivator Commercials located in some of the restaurants at the Microsoft Campus.

"It was my first time visiting the campus," says Davin of his trip, "The cafés that the Cultivators are in are more restaurants than cafés, serving up high quality food. And the campus itself was massive—it felt like it was the size of Vancouver!"

Davin and Ali met up with Jessica Schilke, who's the Urban Farming Specialist and tends to the Urban Cultivators year-round, during their visit.

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Jessica is in charge of ensuring that Microsoft follows sustainable practices by bringing in companies like Urban Cultivator and managing each restaurants' sustainability initiatives.

According to Jessica, if there aren't any fresh greens from the Urban Cultivators for their salad, they simply won't eat. This only goes to show how flavorful Urban Cultivator-grown microgreens are!

Check out more photos of Davin and Ali's trip to Microsoft HQ below.

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