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Halloween is almost here, and everyone is busy putting together last minute Halloween costumes. Instead of simply serving buckets of candy this year at your Halloween gathering, why not make some deliciously ghoulish dishes instead? Here are some spooky but fresh recipes perfect for Halloween, featuring herbs, microgreens, and vegetables.

Food is nothing without spices, and every country has its own preferred ones. It's these unique combinations that give different cuisines their uniqueness. Ever wonder what spices and herbs are popular and most used in which countries? Data Dial and Kit Stone did some research on 36 world cuisines to see what were the most popular spices and herbs, and whether or not there were any common ingredients. This was determined by studying the ingredients of the national dishes of said countries, and with that data, they created a fascinating infographic.

There is something fundamentally "summer" about basil. Brightly flavored and wonderfully herbaceous, it's one of our favorite herbs to grow in an Urban Cultivator. Its versatility is also unmatched, perfect in everything from sauces, to cocktails, to desserts. Here are some of our favorite recipes featuring the herb of summertime, basil.

Kelp makes the ocean look beautiful, creating underwater forests, but they're so much more than just plants that exist in the sea. Kelp, also known as seaweed, is brown algae seaweed. There are 30 different types in existence, and is believed to have existed anywhere from five to 23 million years ago.

Spring is one of our favorite times of the year thanks to its abundance of fresh produce. The weather is warming up and we're retiring squash vegetables, so it's a great time to embrace bright and colorful dishes. To celebrate our favorite season, we've compiled a couple of our favorite spring recipes for you to try out. Throw on a record and get cooking!

We hate to admit it, but summer is almost over. (Don't worry—we're mourning, too.) It's one of the best times of the year with its abundance of amazingly fresh produce like plump tomatoes and juicy strawberries, but alas, it's coming to a close. So, to celebrate what this wonderful season has gifted us so far, we've gathered some delicious recipes that highlight the best of summer, featuring microgreens. Cheers to you, summer.

shutterst_231703369-ashwagandha-rootsmall-5965775 Ashwagandha, or Withania somnifera, has many names. Indian ginseng, padalsingh, and winter cherry are just a few of the titles that it also carries. As its most common moniker, Indian ginseng, implies, ashwagandha has certain rejuvenating properties that make it one of the most beloved herbs in the health world.

Easter acts like a timestamp, officially welcoming the spring season. With all this delicious produce suddenly available, Easter gatherings are the perfect time to sample what nature has to offer! To help make your Easter gathering a little easier for you, we've compiled some delicious recipes and come up with ways in which you can incorporate microgreens into these dishes. After all, there's nothing like sneaking in healthy foods when your guests least expect it! Here are some recipes for a perfect Easter dinner featuring microgreens.