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A Perfect Easter Dinner Featuring Microgreens


Easter acts like a timestamp, officially welcoming the spring season. With all this delicious produce suddenly available, Easter gatherings are the perfect time to sample what nature has to offer!

To help make your Easter gathering a little easier for you, we've compiled some delicious recipes and come up with ways in which you can incorporate microgreens into these dishes. After all, there's nothing like sneaking in healthy foods when your guests least expect it!

Here are some recipes for a perfect Easter dinner featuring microgreens.


Spinach Puffs: Need a simple but elegant appetizer? These spinach puffs are the perfect balance of both, with the added benefit of everything that spinach has to offer. All these take are thawed puff pastry sheets, feta, garlic, eggs, and some spinach you can easily sub with any microgreen.

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Glazed Ham with Horseradish Cream: What's an Easter gathering without a traditional glazed ham? The secret to this recipe is in the horseradish cream. Instead of horseradish, try adding chopped up nasturtium micros for an undeniable zing.


Roasted Salmon and Spring Onions with Mint-Caper Pesto: And for those who don't want a traditional ham, this roasted salmon is the perfect centerpiece to your Easter dinner. The mint-caper pesto is the piece de resistance, for which you can use mint micros.


Punchy Spring Greens: To balance out the ham/salmon, there needs to be a salad. This salad calls for spring greens, but you can transform this salad into something much healthier and intriguing by subbing in a variety of microgreens!


Asparagus with Tarragon Sherry Vinaigrette: One final side: asparagus. This easy and classic side dish is turned on its head with a tangy and savory tarragon sherry vinaigrette. Use tarragon micros for a more subtle flavor.


With these amazing recipes, there's no reason not to celebrate Easter and welcome spring with open arms! Plus the added nutritional benefits of microgreens, you not only get fresh flavors, but also something that's good for your body.

Do you have any favorite Easter recipes? Let us know in the comments section!

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