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Chef Darren Brown Uses His Urban Cultivator in a Unique Way


Some of our favorite customers are our chefs.

Not only do some of them create the most beautiful and inspired dishes with Urban Cultivator-grown greens, but there are a few who have been using them in very unique ways.

Like Chef Darren Brown.

Chef Darren Brown has been working in Vancouver for many years now, and was one of the first chefs to incorporate the Urban Cultivator into his craft.


"It was amazing to serve someone a dish where they'd be able to watch you hand-clip their greens seconds before they'd hit the plate," says Chef Brown of why he chose the Urban Cultivator.

Since then, Chef Brown has been one of our best customers, and he creates some of the most stunning food using the greens that he grows.

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One of the more unique usages? Chef Brown starts his seeds early in the Cultivator, then transplants them to his garden!


Read about how Darren Brown uses his UC to start seeds and learn how to make pickles at his blog!

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