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Tarren's Terrific Hangover Cure

Herbs and greens don't just go on your plate. You can create amazing concoctions in the ol' blender as well that not only taste great, but they're damn healthy as well.

Our fearless leader Tarren has one such drink that'll get your droopy eyes back on track the morning after that awesome party with friends.

Or maybe a Dragon's Den party?

Here's the skinny:

Put a small handful each of these fresh herbs in a blender:

Pea Tendrils
Oregano - less of this if you want less spice, but it sure wakes you up

Add your favorite fruit to sweeten it up


Pour in a bit of water and hit it in the blender.

This green concoction will not only taste amazing and fresh, but it's healthy as hell and will have you back to normal in no time.

Let us know what other ideas you have in the comments below.

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