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What is Chefs for Oceans and Why Should You Care?

Chef Ned Bell

You've come across the "Chefs for Oceans" initiative a few times if you frequent the Urban Cultivator blog, but what is it really, and why should you care?

The mastermind behind the initiative is Vancouver's very own Chef Ned Bell, the Executive Chef of the Four Seasons Hotel's YEW bar + restaurant. His goal? A brighter, more sustainable future.

Chef Bell's goal is to create a movement. He hopes that within the next 10 years, every Canadian will be able to easily and readily access sustainable seafood for themselves and their families.

This means more sustainable and environmentally responsible procedures and practices for our future generations, which means better standards of living for them as well.

Another goal of Chef's Bell is to institute and raise awareness for National Sustainable Seafood Day. The focus of this day aims to highlight the necessity of health oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Needless to say, such goals resonate with Urban Cultivator, as we also wish to provide every household with the ability to have full control over their food, while also practicing sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.


On July 1st, Chef Bell embarked on an incredibly daunting journey—a cycling trip from St. John's, Newfoundland, all the way back to Vancouver, British Columbia, in a mere 10 weeks. He's been averaging between 140km to 200km per day, all in hopes to making an impact and change the way we think about seafood.

Finally, on September 12th, he will be making his triumphant return to Vancouver, and he wants to celebrate this remarkable trip with you.

Check out how you can support Chef Bell and his goal in creating a better future here, and purchase tickets for the event at the Four Seasons on September 12th here.


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