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New Climate-Change Agreement Means Less Fossil-Fuel Pollution and a Fresher New World

Paris climate change agreement reached

During a gathering of the world's nations at a meeting that was overseen by the United Nations in Paris, an agreement was reached that aims to strictly limit fossil-fuel pollution.

Over the two weeks, 195 nations endorsed a program that set up methods to measure and verify emissions that not only reduce pollution, but also introduces ways to implement those reductions for decades to come.

According to Bloomberg Business, the global average temperature is about 1 degree higher than the 1800s for the first time. This means that in the past year, the climate has changed more drastically than it ever has since the last ice age (around 10,000 years ago).

This agreement pledges to contain rising temperatures to 2.7 degrees Celsius, and comes in effect in 2020. It also outlines goals to limiting temperature increases to 2 degrees Celsius (and working towards the target of 1.5 degrees); balancing greenhouse gases with those absorbed by planting trees and the facilities that intake carbon; transparency across all 197 nations sought through a single system that measures emissions generated from each nation; support to island nations; and financial support towards vulnerable countries.

The nations are also hoping to encourage all governments to move away from using fossil fuels—oil, gas, and coal—as a source of energy.

This, of course, is something that we at Urban Cultivator are incredibly excited about.

Our aim since the beginning is to lower our collective carbon footprint by providing a feasible way for people to grow food at home. Through growing your food at home, you actively reduce the distance your food travels, and thus the pollution that comes with it.

It's an exciting step into the right direction and towards a fresher new world.

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