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This Home by Liquid Interiors Marries Nature with Smart Technology

Architectural Digest recently featured a stunning home designed by Hong Kong-based commercial interior design studio that utilizes sustainable materials, filters for clean water, as well as an Urban Cultivator in the eco-sensitive home. The 1,730 sq. ft. three-bedroom apartment located in Hong Kong's Clearwater Bay was designed by Rowena Gonzales, the founder of Liquid Interiors.

Strongly influenced by her learnings on cancer triggers that suggest high formaldehyde levels that are created from home renovations, Gonzales' mission is to design interiors that do not have the negative side effects of renovations past. Below is a highlight from the feature:

"The kitchen is a self-sustaining food growing system which the family can operate to grow and harvest their own greens. There’s an Urban Cultivator installed beneath the cold-pressed juice bar that grows microgreens and herbs to use for salads and juices. Combined with a Smart Cara Indoor Composter, the dehydrator pulverises any food scraps into a powder akin to an aromatic spice blend. This creates a circular system because the remnants are used as fertiliser to sustain the backyard garden. The pantry design has giant glass jars to encourage purchasing raw ingredients in bulk that are packaging-free, and decorative recycling bins to store co-mingled recyclables for sorting and recycling."

Explore the kitchen below, and read the rest of the feature on Architectural Digest.

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