There's a New Plastic-Free Water Bottle That's Going to Change the World

There's a New Plastic-Free Water Bottle That's Going to Change the World
Urban Cultivator began with one mission: to make the world a fresher place by providing every household with fresh, nutritious, and organic food.
In doing so, we hope to simultaneously help everyone be more sustainable so we can lower our collective carbon footprint through reducing food transportation.
Over the years, we’ve seen incredible progress in the industry, making a cognizant effort to help make the future more liveable.
One company that’s really breaking ground is Ooho!. They have created an edible, biodegradable water “bottle.” Essentially, a pouch of water is carried by a membrane made of seaweed and calcium chloride. The water is first frozen as spheres of ice, then treated with a liquid form of the membrane, which solidifies when the ice melts into water. Each “bottle” apparently only costs 2 cents to make.
To drink, just puncture the membrane.
This is an enormous step taken to reduce the number of plastic bottles that we use, which has shown to leave a negative impact on our environment. In fact, some states have even gone as far as banning the plastic water bottle.
Skipping Rocks Lab, the people behind Ooho!, also recently received a sustainability grant from the European Union in hopes of creating this product on a large scale. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this soon!
Take a look at how Ooho! works above, and read more on how you can be more sustainable every day here.