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Google's Project Sunroof is One of the Best Sustainable Movements Ever

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Earlier this week, Google announced Project Sunroof.

It's a terrific initiative that shows homeowners how affordable installing solar panels is now. The benefits of solar panels are many.

For one, you save a ton on energy bills. Solar panels means you are using a natural resource that's free!

Much of the energy that many cities use is created from fossil fuels (e.g. coal, oil, etc.), and, as some of you know, fossil fuels are a limited resource with economical, environmental,and political concerns and limitations.

Solar power is a completely sustainable source of renewable energy.

Previously, some looked at solar power unfavorably, citing high cost and difficulties in figuring out whether or not it would be worth the investment based on one's location.

Project Sunroof aims to help make this process easier.

Using Google's mapping technology, all you have to do is enter your address using Google Maps and, combining that with "other databases," Project Sunroof gives you...

  • A personalized analysis of your roof's true potential, breaking down for you how much sunlight your roof gets in a day
  • How much space you can use for solar panels (it 3D models your roof!)
  • The amount of sunlight per year in hours
  • Financing plans
  • Information regarding nearby companies that can help with installation

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Project Sunroof is, at the moment, only available in San Francisco, Fresno, and Boston, but if all goes well, Google should be expanding this so that it's available throughout all of North America.

Project Sunroof is exactly the type of initiative that totally and completely aligns with Urban Cultivator's goals.

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Currently, the Urban Cultivator Residential only uses around $10 of power per year, and the Urban Cultivator Commercial only uses around $46 per year (based on BC Hydro calculations).

If the Urban Cultivator appliances were powered by solar energy, the growing process would entirely mimic growing outdoors, reducing the cost of growing your own even further.

Remember: growing your own means zero food waste, lowered environmental impact due to fewer kilometers (or miles) travelled by your food, and fresher, more flavorful food.

Check out Google's Project Sunroof, and if you're not in the areas listed above, keep an eye out for a possible expansion of the project!

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