8 Delicious Ways to Use Traditional Herbs in Your Cooking


8 Delicious Ways to Use Traditional Herbs in Your Cooking

So you have the fresh herbs grown with your Urban Cultivator. Now what? One can only make so much tomato sauce with that aromatic basil, so we’re here with eight delicious ways to use traditional herbs in your cooking and baking. Bon appetit!

1. Make a pesto

A great way to use up basil—or any herb, for that matter—is to make pesto, that fragrant, savoury sauce used for everything from pasta to sandwiches. Roughly chop up a handful of basil, and in a food processor, pulse together basil, garlic, and toasted pine nuts, and add a slow stream of extra virgin olive oil.

2. Use it in dessert

This may sound weird, but herbs are delicious in desserts! The sweet/savoury combination is increasing in popularity, and what better way to show off your culinary prowess than with an innovative dessert like roasted peaches with vanilla gelato, topped with basil leaves?

3. Brew some tea

Herbal teas are nothing but dried herbs, and making your own fresh herbal tea is just as easy. Try steeping together some greens, such as parsley or dandelion, with fragrant herbs like thyme, rosemary, mint, or oregano, and find tranquility.

4. Spice up your fish

As most fish are very mild in flavour, but differ in mouthfeel, with some fishes being heavier, and others lighter and flakier. Bass, for example, pairs nicely with stronger herbs like marjoram or oregano, and trout goes well with cilantro or thyme.

5. Make mint ice cubes

Summertime calls for delicious cocktails. Put a few mint leaves in an ice tray and fill it with water. Once frozen, put the mint ice cubes into your favourite cocktail for a refreshing drink.

6. Freeze and preserve

If you’re having trouble using up all of your herbs, roughly chop up your herbs and mix with just a bit of oil, fill an ice tray, and freeze. Now you’ll be able to use your herbs anytime you want, without wasting any of it.

7. Kick up your salad

Here’s a lovely, substantial salad, and it only takes three (and at most four) ingredients. Lay out a few pieces of prosciutto, add a few mint leaves, and finish with a splash of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Add pepper to taste. For a nice hot d’oeuvres, wrap melon slices in prosciutto, and top of mint leaves.

8. Season your salt

There’s something extremely luxurious about having herb salts, and they’re very easy to make. Layer coarse sea salt with your herb of choice until you top off a salt shaker, and that’s it! Store in a cool, dry place to ensure that your herb salt keeps.
With the herbs grown in your Urban Cultivator Residential, you’ll be able make the most out of the methods above. Step up your culinary game and impress your family and guests!