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Submit Your Smoothie Recipe For Its Chance to a Part of Our Living Produce Aisle Smoothie Menu


Image via Girl Makes Food

Want your smoothie recipe to be immortalized?

We're opening up our Living Produce Aisle store in Yaletown (in Vancouver, B.C.) soon, and we're looking for creative and delicious smoothie recipes.

Send us your submission and your recipe could be on our menu board!

Email joyce [at] urbancultivator [dot] net with:

  1. The name of your creation
  2. Ingredients and amounts used, and
  3. How to prepare it

You'll be a part of our exciting, brand new store, and we'll be serving your smoothie to customers as the name of your creation is proudly displayed on our menu board.

We will be receiving submissions until Monday, November 3.

Good luck, and we can't wait to try your smoothies!

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