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Ned Bell Celebrates End of Cross-Canada Cycling Trip in Support of Sustainable Seafood

Chef Ned Bell with Urban Cultivator

Last Friday, Ned Bell celebrated his return from his incredible cross-Canada cycling trip at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. We were in attendance amongst Ned's family and friends as he shared his story about his journey that was in support of Chefs for Oceans and inspired by raising awareness for sustainable seafood.

Chef Bell started his trek in July on Canada Day and wrapped up on September 12th, averaging roughly 140 to 200km each day for a total of 8,700km over 72 days, making stops along the way to spread the word and mingle with local chefs, fishermen, and oyster farmers.

Chefs for Oceans aims to raise awareness for overfishing and the necessity of conserving our oceans. In addition, Chef Bell has been working towards creating a movement that will grant every Canadian access to sustainable seafood by 2025, and also increase support to create a National Sustainable Seafood Day every March 18.

To further support Ned Bell and exceptional cause, you can...

In the meantime, take a look at photos from last Friday's Chefs for Oceans event below!

Chefs for Oceans

Chefs for Oceans

Ned Bell Celebrates End of Cross-Canada Cycling Trip

Ned Bell Celebrates End of Cross-Canada Cycling Trip





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