10 Fresh Salad Recipes to Celebrate the Best of Spring


10 Fresh Salad Recipes to Celebrate the Best of Spring

We’re nearing the end of spring, one of the most exciting times of the year in terms of culinary gold. Of course, there are blooming flowers, lush, green trees, and an exciting energy in the air, but it’s the fresh produce that really gets us going.
It’s the best time to eat fresh with the abundance of awesome food after a winter of squash, squash, and more squash.

So, in an effort to celebrate all that is spring and what it has to offer, we’ve compiled some of the freshest salad recipes to help you celebrate the best of spring. Enjoy!

Microgreen salad with garlic mustard vinaigrette

Let’s start with the basics shall we? A fresh microgreen salad—packed with loads of nutrients, as we’ve learned—amped up with an incredibly flavorful garlic mustard vinaigrette is the best place to welcome spring.
Plus, if you grow in an Urban Cultivator, all you need to do is harvest your greens and whip up a quick vinaigrette.

Asparagus and pea salad

This one is almost as good as the last, but utilizes two spring favorites: asparagus and delicious snap peas. Light and refreshing, it’s easily a spring staple recipe.
Also calling for peashoots, fresh parsley, and chives, it’s another dish that would make having an Urban Cultivator handy.

Peashoot and baby artichoke salad with parmesan croutons

Fresh peashoots are crunchy and juicy—sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it? With the addition of some tartness from the artichokes and that salty bite from the parmesan croutons, it’s the perfect balance of flavors.

Spring greens with quick pickled vegetables

Now, this recipe doesn’t say that you need candy cane radishes, but come no—look at how gorgeous that salad is! Plus, those radishes are coveted during this time around, and it’s obvious why.
This salad features a quick pickling recipe, which is something everyone should have memorized considering how fast and easy it is.

Scandinavian starter

Can’t make it to Scandinavia this spring? This recipe a la Jamie Oliver gives you a taste of all the fresh dishes the Scandinavians have to offer, featuring root vegetables and fresh herbs.

Raw spring salad

Here’s another beautifully bright and outrageously easy recipe that takes advantage of freshness of spring produce. Gather your greens and your asparagus for an incredible dish.

Asian seafood salad with yuzu and sesame dressing

Add some seafood to your salad for a little more oomph. The best way to season your seafood? With Asian flavors! Yuzu is a lovely citrus that’s hugely popular in Japan, and it’s a great way to marinade your seafood, turning it into a ceviche-like dish.

Meyer lemon spring salad with baby greens, herbs, almonds and goat cheese

This recipe asks you to harvest from your garden; there really is no better way to show your appreciation for spring! Add some more microgreens and you have yourself an incredibly nourishing salad.

Mixed Asian salad with macadamia nuts

Another salad that borrows Asian flavors. Macadamia nuts add a nice crunch to a flavorful dish.

… And one dessert for good measure!
Mini strawberry chocolate tart with whipped goat cheese and basil microgreens

Alright, so this isn’t necessarily a salad, but what’s a meal without dessert?
Using fresh basil microgreens, this strawberry chocolate tart with whipped goat cheese is a brilliant mix of savory and sweet, fresh and decadent.
Evidently, spring makes it easy for one to eat well. To make it even easier? Grow with an Urban Cultivator! This way, you no longer have to wait until spring to make these lovely, refreshing dishes.
Do you have any go-to spring recipes? Let us know in the comments section, and take advantage of what we have left in spring!