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Living Produce Aisle Now Open!

Living Produce Aisle

We have some very exciting news, Vancouver!

Living Produce Aisle, a unique smoothie bar/produce aisle concept, has opened its doors. Featuring flats of fresh microgreens, vegetables, and herbs, delicious and healthy smoothies, and even Urban Cultivator units for purchase, it's one of our best projects to date.

The enormous space hopes to bring fresh food to its neighboring restaurants and residents, packed with Urban Cultivator-grown greens from floor to ceiling.

Living Produce Aisle Smoothies

One of the main highlights of Living Produce Aisle is our selection of smoothies. We offer six scintillating 100% smoothies, all at $9 each. They include:

  • Temple Tonic — arugula, wheatgrass, orange juice, coconut water, banana, frozen yogurt
  • The Re-up — wheatgrass, peashoots, carrot juice, beet, apple, jalapeño
  • Morning Sun — arugula, sunflower shoots, pineapple and aloe vera juices, strawberries, banana
  • Berry Me — mustard greens, peashoots, berries, coconut water, lemonade, frozen yogurt
  • Garden of Eden — nasturtium, kale, orange juice, lemonade, mango, banana, frozen yogurt
  • Green Dream — peashoots, kale, grapefruit and aloe vera juices, apple, frozen yogurt

If you're feeling extra adventurous, try a shot of wheatgrass and feel its incredible benefits immediately.

Urban Cultivator Commercial in Living Produce Aisle

You'll also be able to purchase flats of live greens in biodegradable clamshells in two sizes: 5" x 5" and 5" x 10".

Through the LPA, we hope to promote a healthier lifestyle, and demonstrate that growing your own greens is affordable, quick and easy, capable of reducing your carbon footprint, chockfull of nutrition, and intensely flavorful.

LPA Smoothie

Grab a tee, designed by our very own marketing team, and show your support everywhere you go. You can even purchase an Urban Cultivator unit on site!

Come by 1168 Hamilton Street, located in the heart of Yaletown and give us a visit. If you mention this post, you'll receive 15% on your first smoothie (one per customer).

We're really excited about this endeavour, and we hope to see you soon!

Living Produce Aisle in Yaletown

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