Who We Are: The Customer Service and R&D Team


Who We Are: The Customer Service and R&D Team

One thing that Urban Cultivator prides itself in is the team that the company has built over the years. In addition to what each individual brings to the table in terms of skills and qualifications, one big thing that we look for is personality.
Every staff member brings something different to the company, and that’s what makes Urban Cultivator such a fun place to work at.
For the second instalment of Who We Are, we’ve got our Customer Service and R&D Team, Amber and Keri.

Amber Miller, Customer Support and R&D Cultivator

Have a question about one of our units? Amber Miller, Customer Service and Research & Development Cultivator, will sort you out. Originally drawn to the company because of its unique concept and amazing staff, Amber has in-depth knowledge of our products. Her aim is to do her best to make customers happy, assisting them through complicated tech calls with ease, professionalism, and an unbeatable positive attitude.

Keri Wiseman, Customer Support and R&D Coordinator

Never without a smile on her face, Keri Wiseman makes up the second half of our Urban Cultivator Customer Service and Research & Development team. She’s someone who finds the humour in almost everything, which is a necessary asset when she’s testing new products five days a week to ensure that Urban Cultivator is always staying innovative.
Keri’s also keeps Urban Cultivator’s customer service at its highest quality, providing attentive and patient support and troubleshooting. If you ever need music suggestions, Keri is your go-to, always playing the best songs in the Urban Cultivator showroom.
Want to join the Urban Cultivator team? We’re always looking for new individuals to join our fast-growing company.
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