You are Losing Money Buying Herbs at the Grocery Store


You are Losing Money Buying Herbs at the Grocery Store

So you’ve been buying herbs at the store or at the farmer’s market. With the former, it’s convenient, and with the latter, it’s nice to support local businesses. But ask yourself this: when was the last time you actually used up all of your herbs before it went bad? How much of the packet or bundle of herbs was already unusable by the time it had to go into your food?
With an Urban Cultivator indoor garden, not only do you have immediate access to herbs and microgreens, making it incredibly convenient, but creating waste is a thing of the past. In this, you won’t ever have to throw away herbs—which is essentially throwing away your money—again.
We can tell you all about it, but usually there’s a little bit more bearing when it comes from our customers. Take a look at what owners of the Urban Cultivator Residential has to say about the unit!

“Herbs [in Nunavut] cost $5 for a tiny package of old crap from Mexico. And organics are hard to come by! […] I think the payback will be pretty quick and our quality of life will definitely improve.” – Daphna, Nunavut
“I eat greens I can’t get in the store, like watercress, lentils etc. our bottom shelf has cilantro and basil. We use it every day. I recommend this applicance to anyone […]” – Claudine, Lehtbridge

The best part? Kids love them, too!
Here’s an example that may hit home: a bag of pea shoots—roughly 200g in weight—costs around $6.99 at Whole Foods Market. You can grow four flats of pea shoots with one container of pea shoot seeds—which costs $15.99—in an Urban Cultivator. One flat grows roughly 430g of shoots, which averages out to about $2 per 200g.
Plus, just look at the difference between the shoots grown in the Cultivator and the store-bought shoots.

More is More

The Urban Cultivator Commercial is great for restaurants—over 150 restaurants currently own the unit! Not only do the units provide fresh, vibrant herbs for the restaurants and their guests 365 days a year, but they are saving up to 90% on herbs, microgreens, vegetables, and flowers.

“Our staff are really interested in our cultivator! They love to talk about it with our guests. I have a guy in my kitchen team, Pierre Charles, and he has really taken a liking to the machine and tends to it every day. The machine has brought us closer to the food we eat. We grow our own food and we are very proud of that!” – Nick Cassettari, Alta Bistro

“The new staff are always a little blown away that we have such a great tool in our quiver. We wanted to be able to have access to high quality product and given our location on an island off and island in the North Atlantic where ice will often stop our ferries we can not depend on our purveyors to deliver so we have to depend on our Urban Cultivator.” – Timothy Charles, Fogo Island Inn

With an Urban Cultivator, you are providing for your family the absolute healthiest and freshest produce available. And that money you save? Well, that’s just a pleasant bonus.