Improve Your Mood With These Foods


Improve Your Mood With These Foods

Eating poorly can drastically affect your mood. You might notice that when you are bingeing on processed and fried foods; you become more sluggish and get tired easily.
If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then it’s time to cut the crap—literally. Substitute your diet with some key foods, and you’ll be feeling better in no time.
Here are some foods that will improve your mood.

1. Sardines

Feeling a bit down? Sardines are probably the last thing you’d think about when you’re blue, but they’re high in omega 3 fatty acids. Those who are deficient in omega 3s may be more susceptible to low mood, and oily fishes, like sardines and salmon, can quickly combat that.
Omega 3s are good fats, and contributes to about 30% the brain’s weight, and alter dopamine and serotonin, which are brain chemicals linked to mood. Adding omega 3s to your diet is good for your brain’s health, and keeps brain cells flexible and have it work more efficiently.

2. Brazil nuts

When it comes to nuts, people generally tend to avoid them due to their high caloric content. But you should consider adopting Brazil nuts into your diet, which have 2,500 times more selenium—a powerful antioxidant—than any other nut.

3. Tea

You know when it’s 3pm, and you feel like you’re about to pass out? Try tea instead of coffee. A study by The Journal of Nutrition suggests that theanine, an amino acid in black, green, and oolong teas, work with caffeine to improve focus. If you’re looking to cut the java altogether, the study suggests that drinking five to six 8 ounce cups every day could help you and your task at hand.

4. Chocolate

No, we’re not talking about a Kit Kat bar. It’s a well known fact by now that chocolate—dark chocolate, to be exact—does actively improve your mood. Dark chocolate has the ability to reduce stress hormones like cortisol, thanks, in part, to the antioxidants present in chocolate.
But, as with everything else, moderation is key. Scientists say that 1.4 ounces per day is the magic amount you should consume!

5. Oats

People love carbs because carbs make them feel good. But when choosing what type of carb to eat, make sure what you’re eating has a low glycemic index. Oatmeal has a low glycemic index, which means that instead of giving you a quick surge of energy and then leading you to crashing, it slowly releases energy into your bloodstream, and will keep you fuller for longer, on top of maintaining your blood sugar levels balanced.

6. Mussels

B12 is another vitamin that is crucial to the health of your brain, as it preserves the myelin sheath that insulates your brain cells, and helps your brain stay sharp. Mussels are packed with vitamin B12, as well as other nutrients like zinc, selenium, and iodine that helps keep your thyroid, your body’s mood regulator, in check.

7. Berries

Ever notice that you’re a lot happier in the summer? Of course, the sun might have something to do with it, but with the sunshine, also comes fresh berries galore. Berries are high in vitamins, particularly antioxidants, which, just like dark chocolate, will reduce stress hormones like cortisol.

8. Grow your own food and eat it, too

Mustard greens are full of folate, which helps your body process and lower homocysteine levels, which have to do with damage blood vessels when too high. High levels of homocysteine can also interfere with the flow of blood, which can leave you feeling tired.
To make sure you never get to that sluggish place, grow your own mustard microgreens in an Urban Cultivator. In a Residential unit, you can grow up to four flats of mustard micros in just two weeks. Add it to salads, smoothies, or stir-fries, to start!
What foods make you feel good? Let us know in the comments section!