Here’s Why You Should Keep Hydrated (and What to Eat to Make Sure You’re Hydrated)


Here’s Why You Should Keep Hydrated (and What to Eat to Make Sure You’re Hydrated)

“Eight glasses a day,” the illusive “they” say. Hydration is important. This is something that’s most likely been hammered into your head since grade school. But why is it exactly so important? According to the USGS, up to 60% of the adult body is comprised of water. So, the logic follows: if 60% is not fully there because you’re dehydrated, it makes sense that you wouldn’t be the best version of your bright, shining self.
Here are some reasons as to why you should keep hydrated every season, but especially throughout the summer.

1. It can help to increase mental alertness

One of the biggest side effects of dehydration is sluggishness. Proper hydration can help with your energy levels and your mental alertness, as studies have shown that staying hydrated before, during, and after a workout can help reduce fatigue and improve endurance. So keep that water bottle filled for your next workout—you’re going to need it!

2. It can help lower the risk of heart diseases

The risk for heart attack increases when your arteries are blocked with cholesterol and plaque, and even though one may try his or her best to avoid such foods, you may still fall risk to narrowed arteries. Proper hydration can prevent strain on your heart, helping to increase the amount of blood circulating through your body. When you’re dehydrated, your heart rate can increase and you can feel palpitations as a result.

3. It can help clean your body from the inside

Yes, your kidneys do help naturally remove waste from your body, but your kidneys can’t work alone. They need water in order to function properly, which is why you need to stay hydrated to help them do their best work. When your body is properly hydrated, you can help your body eliminate waste more efficiently.

4. It can help promote weight loss

If weight loss is your goal, you know about the importance of hydration. It’s the best kept non-secret of those in the fitness world. Not only can it help with your workouts, but staying hydrated can also help suppress hunger. According to some studies, thirst is actually often mistaken as hunger, too. So before you dig in, maybe drink some water and see if that helps.

5. It can help improve your complexion.

Celebrities always talk about this one, and while this type of endorsement may not have you reaching for your water bottle, proper hydration actually can help improve your complexion. When you are dehydrated, your skin can appear dry, flaky, and tight, and wrinkles can seem more pronounced. Though hydration won’t prevent wrinkles or get rid of them, it can help your skin appear more elastic and supple.

6. It can help improve your mood

One can’t possibly be in a chipper mood when dehydration is taking over. Known to cause headaches, it’s one of the biggest reasons behind cranky behavior. Studies have shown that even mild dehydration can affect one’s mood. Feeling down? Chug a glass of water and see if that helps.
Sometimes remember drinking water can be hard—we get it! But it can really affect your day-to-day functioning. You may not be very hydrated if:

  • You’re not urinating very much
  • Your urine is very yellow
  • You have dry mouth
  • You’re dizzy, lightheaded, or you have a headache
  • You are extremely fatigued

If you have trouble remembering to drink water, there are lots of foods that can help you stay hydrated, too. We touch on that here, and our favorites are of course lettuce and peas, because we can grow microgreen versions of those in the Urban Cultivator! When you grow in an Urban Cultivator, it’s even easier to incorporate those hydrating foods into your diet. From pea to lettuce, you can grow an enormous variety of microgreens and herbs that will keep you and your body happy, healthy, and hydrated.
Our challenge to you is to stay as hydrated as possible. Get out there and enjoy the sun—but be sure to take care of your body, too! Consider this your reminder to finish that glass of water.
What’s your favorite way to hydrate? Let us know in the comments section!