10 Ways to Help You Eat Better in 2015

10 Ways to Help You Eat Better in 2015

It’s a new year, a fresh start, a clean state. There’s no better time than now to create some new resolutions to help you have a better 2015.
Resolutions are hard to keep, though. It’s easy to be disillusioned when you don’t have the proper steps to achieve your goal. One of the hardest ones to keep is eating better.
In an effort to help everyone live better in the new year, we’ve set out some tips to help you eat better in 2015. No, it’s not going to make your life miserable, and no, you will not only be eating grapefruits.
Here are 10 ways to help you eat better, without sacrificing all the good flavours that fresh food has to offer.
organic foods

1. Try organic.

Organic food is ubiquitous now. Before, the common complaints were that they were both hard to source and expensive, but organic sections now exist in almost every single grocery store. Not only do organic foods boast pesticide-free qualities, but they also promote more sustainable and ethical farming practices. You’d be surprised how tasty a tomato can be when they’re not genetically modified to be questionable large in size.
rainbow food

2. Eat the rainbow.

You’ve been told this ever since you were in elementary school, but you know what? They were really onto something. By eating “every color of the rainbow,” or making sure that you get a variety of vegetables and fruits, you’re broadening your flavor spectrum as well. If health isn’t your biggest motivator, then let fresh and flavorful produce be.

3. Can’t pronounce it? Don’t eat it.

Butylated hydroxyanisole. 1-methylcyclopropene. tert-Butylhydroquinone. If you don’t recognize these things, that’s because they aren’t exactly things that naturally exist in your food, but often used in them. They’re chemicals. A good rule to abide by is that if you can’t pronounce something in the ingredients section of a food item, just avoid it altogether. Your body will thank you for it.
dry ingredients

4. Try new ingredients.

Another common resolution is to try new things. Why not combine that with your food resolution? There is such an amazing selection of food out there. Make it your goal to try one new ingredient each week, whether it be something small like a new spice, or something big (or rather, stinky), like durian.
recipe book

5. Sample new recipes.

With new ingredients come new recipes! What’s more exciting than delving into a new recipe that’s full of potential? Try new cuisines, make things you never thought you could before, and you’ll feel invincible in 2015.
chocolate and avocado

6. Sneak that good stuff in.

Don’t like vegetables? That’s okay. There are a tonne of recipes that will sneak that good stuff in and you won’t even taste it. Everything from drinking green smoothies to make chocolate pudding out of avocados count.
smiley breakfast

7. Don’t skip breakfast.

This is another one of those things that were hammered into your head all your life. If you didn’t buy it then, you should buy it now. It helps you lose weight, meet nutritional requirements, and gives you more energy. There’s no reason not to do it, and easier to put together than you think.
eat slowly

8. Eat slowly. Enjoy it.

We’re living in a society that promotes fast-paced lifestyles that lead us to cramming whatever we can get our hands on into our faces and calling that a meal. But eating too quickly can lead to indigestion, amongst other things. Be nice to your body and eat it slowly. You might even enjoy the flavours you taste.

9. Eat seasonally for the best food.

Adopt sustainable eating habits and make sure what you eat is in season. A nice little bonus is that seasonal food items will always taste better because, well, they’re in season, grown naturally!
Urban Cultivator

10. Grow your own food.

One way to ensure that you’re going to get the best food? Grow your own! Urban Cultivator appliances ensure that you can grow food year-round, no problem.
Providing you with over 35 varieties of microgreens, vegetables, and herbs, you can explore new flavours and recipes anytime.
It’s a new year, so there’s no better time to adopt new and better habits than now.
Do you have any tips on how to eat better? What are your resolutions this year? Let us know in the comments section!