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Urban Grow Journal #1 - My First Crop

My name is Eric and just a little over two weeks ago I received my Kitchen Cultivator from Urban Cultivator.

I've been really excited to show the Kitchen Cultivator in action in my home and I already have some results.

The first crops that I have planted are Pea Tendrils, Spinach, Arugula and Cilantro... and believe me I am completely stoked to have fresh Arugula in November (and in Vancouver no less!).

A little about me:

I'm an avid cook who lives in Vancouver BC (home of Urban Cultivator as well). I love cooking with the freshest possible ingredients and I've always had a problem with purchasing food that comes from Mexico or even overseas.

I try to find local ingredients when I can at farmers markets or the Granville Island public market. Even still, Canadian winters aren't exactly open to growing a lot of green things locally.

That's why the Kitchen Cultivator is a perfect fit into my home and a perfect addition to my kitchen.

The setup couldn't have been easier. I literally just plugged it in and filled it with water and the machine was good to go.

I received a number of types of seeds with the unit and the nutrients and soil that was needed to plant my crop.

After following the video instructions on mixing my soil and planting my seeds (found here) I hit the lights and away it went!

It's now been about two and a half weeks since I setup the unit and I'm already enjoying the fruits of my new Kitchen Cultivator.

The biggest greens so far are the Pea Tendrils. They are already ready to be eaten at this early stage and have made an amazing addition to my salads.

Of course, I'm no stranger to pea tendrils. In fact I purchase them from the local market who gets them even from a local company... but the difference is amazing.

Not only is the taste far more incredible in the pea tendrils from my Kitchen Cultivator, but you can actually SEE the difference! I mean I think this photo speaks for itself:

Urban Cultivator Pea Tendrils

Which would you rather feed your family?

More to come as I continue to grow my greens from home. In the mean time leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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