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Urban Cultivator is Officially in the United Arab Emirates

Urban Cultivator Commercial

Earlier in the month, Urban Cultivator's Director of Sales, Glen Sharpe, visited the United Arab Emirates.

No, it wasn't a vacation; we were in the UAE because Liquid Nutrition, located in the World Trade Centre Mall in Abu Dhabi, now carries Urban Cultivators!

Abu Dhabi

Hydroponics herb garden

"It was hot and humid," says Glen, "but it was very culturally exciting, both from a personal and business perspective."

"Being in Dubai and Abu Dhabi gives us exposure in an ever-changing marketplace, and gives us the opportunity to be in front of early adapters of technology."

In addition to getting to meet our Dubai and Abu Dhabi Urban Cultivator users, Glen got a chance to explore the regions, blown away by the landscape.

Take a look at the photos Glen captured during his trip to the UAE below!



IMG_0153 copy

IMG_0156 copy

IMG_0168 copy

IMG_0177 copy

IMG_0184 copy

IMG_0143 copy

IMG_0209 copy

IMG_0219 copy

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