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UC Abroad: The United Arab Emirates

Photo 2015-05-29, 10 17 45 PM

UC Abroad is a recurring feature written by our CEO Tarren Wolfe, discussing his travels abroad and introducing Urban Cultivator to people and creating a #freshnewworld one country at a time.


Photo 2015-05-30, 10 29 39 PM

Country: Abu Dhabi

We were picked up by our UAE distributor Global Catering first thing in the morning and taken to see the early adopters of Urban Cultivator in Abu Dhabi. They're all at Liquid Nutrition locations, which is a global enterprise.

Photo 2015-05-30, 12 19 08 AM

After checking out the Cultivators, we went to meet with the head of the parent company who owns Global Catering—a sheikh—at the dealership that he owns: the largest Rolls Royce and BMW dealership in the world.

Photo 2015-05-30, 11 00 35 PM

There, they had a custom Rolls built for an Indian prince.

Photo 2015-05-30, 10 56 25 PM

And let me tell you, there was hardly anything on a certain MTV car show that even rivalled this. The car had starburst diamonds and hand embroidered tigers and peacocks in the interior... oh my.

Later on, we were taken to our new customers, Water World and Ferrari World, who came to us through our very first adopter, Chef Tobias Tobner of Qatar's Shangri La, who insisted his other chef friends check us out.

It's so cool when people in the industry love our product and want to share it with their friends.


Photo 2015-05-31, 6 09 00 AM (1)

Country: Dubai

We met with a bunch of people, but we got to spend some good time with one of our biggest supporters, Diamond Developers.

Photo 2015-06-01, 1 37 39 AM

UC's Director of Sales and I got to take a look at Sustainable City, which is a clear example of what the rest of the world needs to follow.

It's 100% off the grid and self sufficient (water filtration, solar power, etc), and they're building 10 large bio domes produce the classic vegetables for residents.

Photo 2015-06-01, 12 19 10 AM

Below is the front of a condo showroom at Sustainable City. Each condo ranges from $1 million to a cool $3 million.

Photo 2015-06-01, 12 22 31 AM

They always talk about Dubai's heat, but when I planted some seeds in an Urban Cultivator Residential under the blazing Dubai sun for just 10 minutes—48 degree heat, mind you—I was soaked.

IMG_0247 copy

IMG_0248 copy

Our trip to the UAE was awesome, and definitely a productive one. We've got a bunch of things in the pipeline that we can't wait to share with you.

Until next time!

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