The Best Juice and Smoothie Places in Vancouver


The Best Juice and Smoothie Places in Vancouver

Feeling kind of thirsty and not sure where to go for some delicious and refreshing juice? Needing to pump up your immune system and looking for a nutritious smoothie? With so many options in Vancouver, it can be a bit overwhelming. So, we’ve created a list of what we think are the best juice and smoothie places in Vancouver.
Take a look below, and quench your thirst.

The Juice Truck

28 W. 5th Avenue
Corner of Water and Abbott Street
Ever since their humble beginnings in 2011, The Juice Truck has been garnering a lot of attention. Now, with a storefront in Mount Pleasant and their truck as busy as ever, they’ve become one of the best places to go for juices and smoothies. Offering organic ingredients and local produce, they sell some high quality stuff, everything from mouth-watering oatmeal smoothie bowls to effective juice cleanses. And if you love cute food art, be sure to follow them on Instagram.

Krokodile Pear

518 Davie Street
1867 W. 1st Avenue
Their juice is as sophisticated as their aesthetic—clean, crisp, and forward-thinking. Like The Juice Truck, Krokodile Pear has also become one of the bigger names in Vancouver for juices and smoothies. Their emphasis is raw, plant-based, organic foods; “you truly are what you eat” is Krokodile Pear’s motto. For the best cold pressed organic juices, nowhere in Vancouver beats Krokodile Pear.

The People’s Juicery

1058 Mainland Street
The People’s Juicery claims that there’s over four pounds of produce in every single bottle of their juices, so needless to say, you’re getting your bang for your buck. Their thing is cold-pressed juices, which promotes a number of health benefits including maintaining the integrity and stability of live enzymes and the process of alkalization. If you’re looking for a cleanse, it’s what The People’s Juicery specializes in, providing a rainbow of flavors that target different things, from improving circulation, to easing bloating.

Radicle Juice

3088 Main Street
Radicle Juice is new to the ‘hood—Mount Pleasant to be exact. Their M.O. is to get “people of every age together in healthy and community over delicious juice,” which isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world if you ask us. They seek to create the best beverages made from raw and high quality produce. Radicle serves up fresh-pressed juice, innovative smoothies, filling and scrumptious açai bowls, and even health shots for those who are a bit more adventurous. Those looking for a keepsake, purchase a Radicle tumbler (essentially a mason jar with a handle) for $3 with the purchase of a smoothie, or $5 for just the tumbler, and get 50 cents off every purchase thereafter.


1958 W. 4th Avenue
Sejuiced is a quaint vegan/vegetarian juicery located in the heart of Kitsilano. On top of their energizing shakes and juices, it also doubles as a restaurant, serving up veggie burgers, vegan and vegetarian desserts, and delicious breakfast items. Open seven days a week, Sejuiced will serve your every need, and leave you feeling reenergized.

Jugo Juice

Multiple locations
Ah, the classic. Some may turn their noses up at Jugo Juice because, yes, it’s a chain, but one thing you can count on is their consistency. With a wide array of choices, everything from juices to protein-heavy smoothies, Jugo Juice is a good place if your palate’s on the conservative side. Plus, with a location in almost every Cambie line skytrain station, it’s a great alternative if you’re in a pinch.
And, to top off this list, Urban Cultivator will soon be opening their own storefront that’ll sell flats of fresh, live greens, smoothies, and Urban Cultivator units in Yaletown. Stay tuned for updates!
Where are your favorite places to grab juices and smoothies? Let us know in the comments section!