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Come Down to Living Produce Aisle's Grand Opening on March 7!

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We've got some big news, Vancouver...

Our new project, Living Produce Aisle, is ready for all of you to see.

Living Produce Aisle grows fresh, nutritious produce right in the heart of Yaletown using Urban Cultivator appliances. Used in their smoothies and salads, as well as the flats of live greens for purchase, it brings health and sustainability to the neighbourhood.

It's new concept store that combines your local grocer, smoothie bar, and kitchen appliance store, will be holding our grand opening on Saturday March 7, 2015. We'll be selling fresh and nutritious juices and smoothies, flats of a variety of live greens, and Urban Cultivator appliances.

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We're hoping to bring fresh beverages to Vancouver, serving smoothies and juices to the neighbourhood, and providing those in the city with fresh, live produce that is grown right at Living Produce Aisle.

“The goal is to help people be sustainable and self-sufficient,” Urban Cultivator CEO Tarren Wolfe says of Living Produce Aisle. Through growing one’s own food, Tarren knows that we can drastically reduce our carbon footprint.

Restaurants nearby will be able to purchase full flats of greens for a fraction of the price they would pay wholesalers.

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Living Produce Aisle is located in the heart of Yaletown at 1168 Hamilton Street, roughly one block away from the Yaletown-Roundhouse stop on the Canada Skytrain Line.

Our grand opening will be held from 11:00am to 3:00pm, and there'll be giveaways, smoothies, salads, and more!


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