Fresh Herbs Grown to Order

Fresh Herbs Grown to Order

How would you like to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant and have part of your dinner planted that day. Then, a few weeks later you dine on the very same fresh herbs cut just moments before they are meticulously plated and served.
That is exactly what one Burnaby chef has done from his kitchen at Peartree Restaurant.
Scott Jaeger, who represented Canada at the 2007 Bocuse d’Or culinary competition in Lyon France, has been using his Commercial Cultivator to produce amazing flats of Chervil, Celery tops, Spinach and watercress for use in his upscale continental restaurant.

What Scott is even more excited about however, is his ability to grow greens that would otherwise come from far away destinations such as Mexico in the winter. Greens like baby Romaine (perfect for an individual salad), Salad Burnet and even Radishes.
We took a trip over to Peartree Restaurant to check out the amazing creations Scott has produced using herbs from his Commercial Cultivator and he certainly didn’t disappoint.
We were treated to a Rabbit Flank Terrine complete with Bulls Blood beet tops and Baby Spinach straight from his Commercial Cultivator.
Check out the photos:

Scott Jaeger preparing the Rabbit Flank Terrine

Plating the fresh herbs
The Beautiful Rabbit Flank Terrine
Scott Jaeger preparing the Rabbit Flank Terrine

For more information about Scott or the Peartree Restaurant, visit their site at: