How To Grow Pea Tendrils

How To Grow Pea Tendrils

Peashoots are the bright green tender young leaves of a pea plant and their taste resembles that of snap peas. They are often described as tasting like spring.

Medicinal and Nutritional Benefits

Pea shoots have an outstanding nutrient to calorie ratio and offer a good amount of dietary fiber, which helps control body weight and regulate the metabolism. Though they may not directly induce weight loss, they remain a great addition to an effective weight loss program. Pea tendrils are high in vitamins A and C, and are a great source of folic acid. Folate (folic acid) along with carotene and antioxidants found in Peashoots are chemoprotective agents said to aide in the prevention of cancer. Also, they contain seven times more Vitamin C than blueberries!

Culinary Uses

For those with children who hate vegetables, try to stir fry a plate of pea sprouts the next time. You will find the crispy texture and appealing green color make pea sprouts irresistible to them. Bamboo shoots stir fried with pea sprouts make a refreshing dish for vegetarians.

For peak nutritional value, peashoots are best served fresh, lightly steamed, or sautéed. They are excellent in salads and stir fries. Peashoots make a great garnish atop pizzas or soups, and are a nice addition to green smoothies. Another delicious meal suggestion: tossed with very good olive oil and hot pasta right after draining so they just barely wilt, with lemon zest and juice, pepper and freshly grated Parmesan.

Fun Fact

Austrian Monk named Gregor Mendel perfected his theory of Mendelian genetics, a precursor to modern genetics, while cultivating peas.

Tips to keep your pea tendrils happy

Peas like it on the cooler side, with moist even soil.