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Grow Healthy Greens All Year

Urban Cultivator is the perfect indoor garden for your
home or restaurant. Priced attractively, it means no
pesticides, no travel time, and no food waste. Just the
freshest herbs and greens grown right in your kitchen.

Our Mission: Help you take control of what you eat

Our goal is to take hydroponic growing where no company has gone before. From basements and backrooms to a focal point of any proud chefs kitchen. Local is the way to go. Now you can have an active hand in the food your loved ones eat no matter where you live. Connect to your food, connect to your family.

  • Up to 20% of North America's energy bill comes from food transportation. With Urban Cultivator's environmentally conscious grow products you can help reduce energy costs... plus your new Cultivator will look great in your kitchen!
  • Fresh cut greens have twice the nutritional value of store bought greens. Plus, you know for sure that no nasty chemicals or pesticides were used in growing your greens.
  • Your machine will pay for itself. By lowering your cost of using greens and herbs in your home or commercial kitchen, your Urban Cultivator unit will pay for itself within 1-3 years (depending on the herbs you grow).
  • Year round and hassle free. The Kitchen or Commercial Cultivators will produce flats of fresh tasty greens for your family or customers no matter how cold it is outside.

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Tech Support
Visit our video tech and grow support section to get the most out of your Urban Cultivator.