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The Story Behind Our Very First Commercial

The video above was Urban Cultivator's very first commercial.

It was filmed back in 2010, and the soundtrack you hear isn't the one we wanted to go with originally.

We felt that Lykke Li's "Dance Dance Dance"—its gently percolating, energetic production and Lykke's delicate vocals—best represented our aesthetic.

But, of course, in the face of a potential lawsuit, we opted for something a little less controversial.

The commercial was filmed at CEO and Co-Founder Tarren Wolfe and Co-Founder Linnea Wolfe's home by Richard Olak. Olak takes care of all of our video assets, and manages to bring our vision to life every single time, without fail.

To join us in the commercial, we invited our friends Jasmina and Steve Koga. Their young daughter Chloe is the adorable little girl who so enthusiastically ate peashoots in the first few shots. That's right—no bribing had to be done. She loved the flavor of the peashoots!

It's been our go-to video asset for the past five years and we've been getting great responses to it.

With the new year approaching, we've got some exciting new clips coming your way. Stay tuned!

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