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Show how your development is better than the one across the street with Urban Cultivator

What is your point of difference?

Urban Cultivator, the first indoor garden appliance

The Urban Cultivator is the new standard in kitchen appliances. Position your development as the standard in your precinct. The Urban Cultivator is a kitchen appliance that represents the future for every kitchen. Grow a wide variety of fresh produce year round in any kitchen.

Join the growing sustainable community movement while differentiating your project from others!

Urban Cultivator Residential

A new way to shop for produce

Eat lush, healthy greens without ever having to leave your kitchen and moments after harvesting with the Urban Cultivator. The greens are as fresh as could be, and a fraction of the price.

Rich in nutritional content

The nutritional value of greens drops by about 50% a few hours after harvesting. With Urban Cultivator, you are getting the most nutrients out of your herbs, microgreens, and vegetables.

How it works

How it Works Urban Cultivator Microgreens
Grow 35+ varieties in your Urban Cultivator

While microgreens can take up to months to grow, the same greens take as little as a week when grown in an Urban Cultivator. Using hydroponic technology and customized nutrient solutions, the greens pack a heavy punch in both flavor and nutrition.

Grow 35+ varieties in your Urban Cultivator

Elevate your meals

Urban Cultivator-grown greens are much more flavorful than store-bought greens because you’re getting the freshest possible food. It’s food at its greatest potential.

Embark on culinary adventures

We offer over 35 varieties of microgreens, herbs, and vegetables, including everyday herbs like basil and thyme, as well as more adventurous ones like sorrel and komatsuna.

Who Uses Urban Cultivator?

  • Martha Stewart
  • Susur Lee
  • David Bouley
  • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  • Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Jamie Oliver Foundation
  • Electrolux
  • JOEY Restaurant Group

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Tech Support
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