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Growing Zesty Peppercress Indoors

Nasturtium officinale


The aptly named peppercress—known for its spicy kick—not only packs a flavorful punch, but it also contains an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants. It’s often also referred to as “curly cress.”

This low growing and trailing European perennial and member of the Mustard Family is naturalized in springs and wet ground in temperate climates. Watercress has many culinary, decorative, and medicinal uses.

It is easily grown indoors in individual pots that are placed in a tray of water.

Peppercress’ nutritional benefits are many, including detoxication properties that can leave one’s skin more resistant to toxins, the ability to boost memory, helping one gain lean body mass thanks to its amazing iron and protein content, and even helping with purifying blood and stimulating appetizer.

Tips to keep your Watercress happy

They need a lot of water! Because of this, watercress thrives in hydroponic set-ups.

How To Grow Zesty Peppercress in an Urban Cultivator

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