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Growing Wasabi Nasturtium Indoors

Tropaeolum Majus

Nasturtium greens

Nasturtium petals are edible and can sometimes be found in commercial salad mixes. The taste of nasturtiums depend on where they grow. In full sunlight, they'll develop a peppery taste. In partial shade and cooler weather, nasturtium flavor will be milder.

The entire plant is edible! This peppery plant is perfect for salads, herb vinegars, appetizers and garnishes. Try mixing assorted greens such as romaine, radicchio, spinach and arugula with a handful of nasturtium blooms topped with your favorite dressing. Bake a batch of spice cupcakes, frost with a cream cheese frosting and top with a single nasturtium bloom for a luncheon treat. Use preserved seapods as a substitute for capers in tarter sauces and spiced mayonnaises.

You can pic the nasturtium leaves as soon as the plant is 6 inches tall. Pick the flowers just as they open. Collect the green seedpods when they are just over 1/4 inch in diameter. Cut the leaves and flowers with their stems attached. Remove old flowers to prolong the bloom period.

How To Grow Wasabi Nasturtium in an Urban Cultivator

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