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Growing Mighty Broccoli Indoors

Broccoli microgreens

Broccoli is one of the fastest and easiest micros to plant. It is very low maintenance and is ready to eat in six days!

Medicinal and Nutritional Benefits

Broccoli micro-greens are super tasty with an impressive nutritional profile. Health benefits of broccoli are enormous. It has twice as much vitamin C as spinach and as much as lemons, thus being an excellent support to our immune system. Broccoli has antioxidant and anticancer compounds. Recent researches have shown that broccoli contains sulforaphane, a substance which could protect us against the risk of cancer occurring, and reduce the severity of cancers that do occur.

Broccoli is also very high in Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps keep your eyes healthy and stave off glaucoma and other eye degenerative diseases. It also helps to promote healthy skin, break down urinary stones (a big issue with the summer heat and dehydration) and maintain healthy bones and teeth

Culinary Uses

Broccoli micros can be eaten raw, stir-fried or steamed. They look decorative in salads or piled on top of sandwich fillings like chicken or egg salad. A dash of a low-calorie mayonnaise or a light vinegar dressing of your choice makes them truly delicious.

You will not lose the nutrient content by steaming your micros. You will best preserve the nutrients, though, if you do not cook the micros for long. If using the micros in a stir-fry, cook the micros over a very low heat and don't let them cook for more than a few minutes.

Fun Fact

Tom “Broccoli” Landers holds the current world record for eating 1 pound of broccoli in 92 seconds. That sounds like fun huh?

Although it may be known as the "golden state", California produces 90% of our nations broccoli. Perhaps we should rename California as the "broccoli state."

Broccoli has also played a key part in the James Bond film series. Well, sort of... An Italian-American, Mr. Albert R. Broccoli, is credited with bringing Ian Fleming's James Bond to film. Mr. Broccoli produced all of the Bond films made during his life and his heirs currently help continue on the legacy.

How To Grow Mighty Broccoli in an Urban Cultivator

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