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Growing Malt Amaranth Indoors


The amaranth family includes flowers, herbs, and weeds. Some varieties are grown and harvested for food. The seeds of the "Grain Amaranth" were harvested by Aztec and Inca tribes in Central and South America. In Asia and South America Amaranth is cultivated as a grain crop. In the U.S., it can be found in health food stores.

Amaranth greens go by lots of names, chinese cabbage, hinn choy, yin tsoi, callaloo, tampala and quelite. Peppery like arugula or radicchio and cooks like any green; if you like spinach you'll love amaranth greens.

Like quinoa, amaranth greens are high in protein and a complete protein at that.

Tips for keeping your amaranth happy

Amaranth are very easy to grow. They prefer a warm climate, full sun, and a well drained soil; perfect for the Urban Cultivator indoor garden. Water them when dry, once or twice per week.

Originating in warmer climates, Amaranth is heat and drought resistant. To harvest, cut the amaranth greens with a sharp knife, garden shears or scissors.

How To Grow Malt Amaranth in an Urban Cultivator

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