Urban Cultivator News


Curious about what you can grow in a kitchen cultivator? Wondering what to use all of those fresh herbs for? We've just started an online resource for all "grow your own" enthusiasts, and we call it the Urban Cultivator Herb Guide. At this time we outline 27 common herbs that can be easily grown in the Kitchen or Commercial Cultivators. We tell you how to keep your herbs happy, and in the future we will have recipes available for you to discover each of these amazing herbs and veggies right from your kitchen.

From growing his own mushrooms, to a rooftop garden, Chef Tory serves up amazingly fresh dishes from his kitchen at Sidecut restaurant in the Four Seasons Resort in Whistler BC. The most recent addition to his fresh forward thinking however comes in the form of two Commercial Cultivators and a Kitchen Cultivator. Allowing Chef Tory to use the freshest flavours for his dishes, the two Commercial Cultivators and one Kitchen Cultivator provide 10 flats of micro-greens per week to his restaurant and hotel visitors.


No room for a garden, too hot, too cold, too busy? Whatever your reasoning is for not growing your own, we’ve got you covered. You now have zero excuses for not producing and cultivating your own herbs, spices and micro-greens. Urban Cultivator is proud to bring the joys of outdoor growing, indoors. Our Kitchen Cultivator is being dubbed “the living spice rack” and is now trumping the “100 mile diet” with a “0 mile diet.”  Through growing your own vegetables, micro-greens, spices and edible flowers you completely eliminate travel time and energy which in turn drastically reduces your carbon footprint.