Food is nothing without spices, and every country has its own preferred ones. It's these unique combinations that give different cuisines their uniqueness. Ever wonder what spices and herbs are popular and most used in which countries? Data Dial and Kit Stone did some research on 36 world cuisines to see what were the most popular spices and herbs, and whether or not there were any common ingredients. This was determined by studying the ingredients of the national dishes of said countries, and with that data, they created a fascinating infographic.

main-photo-2773331 Cooking with fresh herbs isn’t just for gourmet chefs. Learn everything you need to know about buying, preparing, storing and cooking with herbs. A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of using fresh herbs in their cooking. You’ve heard that fresh is best, but if you don’t have a lot of experience with herbs then you’ll probably have a few questions. Which herbs pair with which types of food? How much should I use? When do I add them to the cooking process? What should I do with the leftovers? Although there are a few occasions when using dried herbs is recommended,cooking with fresh seems to be the preference for many chefs. They’re flavorful, make beautiful garnishes and most importantly, they’re packed with valuable nutrients and antioxidants. With a few tips and tricks you can maximize your use of fresh herbs to transform every meal into something special.

45a07163671bdeab3d12e95886f0e2538816b180-9310890 Winter is coming. The cold bursts of air are probably enough to make you want to curl up in bed and just watch Netflix all day. Sounds like the makings of a great December, right? Another popular favorite of every winter to add to that mix is all the delicious, comforting soups and stews that everyone seems to cook this time of year. Here are 8 healthy stews to keep you warm all winter long.

easy-summer-appetizers-646-3364634 Avocado will never go out of style. Smooth, creamy, and an awesome addition to just about every dish under the sun, avocado isn't only delicious, but it's also loaded with that good fat everyone's been talking about. The buttery fruit (yes, fruit!) is packed with alpha-linolenic acid, better known as omega-3 fatty acid, and oleic acid. They're also a great source of pantothenic acid, dietary fiber, vitamin K, copper, folate, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Alright, so that's all the good stuff. Time to eat avocado with everything.

msdcn1m-4757803 The season of gourds is upon us! For the next few months, you won't be able to enter a grocery store without being greeted by funky looking pumpkins and curvy squashes of all types. The great thing about squash is that it can be the star, or act as an entrancing supporting role. In addition to its earthy flavor, squash is rich in beta carotenes, which are used to make vitamin A, an important vitamin for one's vision and bone growth. Pumpkins in particular are rich in lutein, which may help to lower the risk of cataracts, and the potassium in squash will also help contain blood pressure. Not sure how to flavor your squash? Here are some herbs that pair great with the autumn vegetable.

In the spirit of the season, we’ve assembled all the information you need to know about spot prawns—from what to look for when buying, how to freeze them, to everything in between. Soon you’ll be cooking spot prawns like a pro and if you’re smart, freezing them to enjoy throughout the summer.

img28o1-544x402-2573055 It's that time of year again! Today is Cinco de Mayo, and though many celebrate it, not many know what it's really all about. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory against the French in the Battle of Puebla. For this decisive battle, the Mexicans were outnumbered—a paltry 2,000 poorly-equipped soldiers against the strong 6,000 French. On May 5th, the Mexicans crushed the French. And so, May 5th, or Cinco de Mayo, is a festive (and often boozy) day of celebrations. If you're looking to avoid the alcohol this year, or better yet, prepare your body accordingly for the upcoming drinks, try these fresh and festive recipes!

o-smiley-breakfast-facebook-1024x679-7363923 We're almost a week into the new year; have you kept your resolution? We went through some tips on how to eat better, but here, we're giving you some really tangible ways to follow through. One of the biggest struggles for many is fitting a breakfast in. There's absolutely no excuse when they're as gorgeous and nutritious as the ones below. Here are 9 breakfast recipes that will help you start your day right.