Our Company

Since we opened Living Produce Aisle back in February, we had one goal: to provide the community with healthy, organic, and sustainable food. Using Urban Cultivator appliances, we're able to grow that good food on site, seven days a week. We've been able to make fresh smoothies and salads that are harvested to order, as well as grow healthy flats of microgreens for our customers to take home. Many of those who have visited are wowed by the store, lined by illuminating Urban Cultivators. We're proud of what we've put out through Living Produce Aisle.

On Sunday, April 19, The Vancouver Sun held their 31st annual Sun Run. The 10-kilometre run took 40,000 people—Vancouverites and those visiting alike—all around downtown Vancouver, across two bridges, down two beaches, and some daunting hills. The Urban Cultivator team decided that this was the year that we made our foray into the competitive world of professional racing.

This past weekend marked the worldwide launch of our new project, Living Produce Aisle. Located in the heart of Yaletown, LPA offers those in the neighbourhood with fresh, nutritious food, selling smoothies, salads, and flats of live greens. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and many people came by to experience what LPA had to offer, trying out samples of our smoothies, like the Temple Tonic and The Re-up, as well as our new salads. Thanks so much for all those who came to our grand opening—you made it an incredible success! Take a look at the photos from our wonderful, festive weekend below.

We've got some big news, Vancouver... Our new project, Living Produce Aisle, is ready for all of you to see. Living Produce Aisle grows fresh, nutritious produce right in the heart of Yaletown using Urban Cultivator appliances. Used in their smoothies and salads, as well as the flats of live greens for purchase, it brings health and sustainability to the neighbourhood.

Last week our CEO Tarren Wolfe swung by Vancouver's favorite radio personality/all around hero Kid Carson's place to help set up his new Urban Cultivator Residential. Kid has been in Vancouver's radio scene for many years now, and we're very excited that he's adopted Urban Cultivator in his home. Check out some behind-the-scenes photos of their planting session below!

Urban Cultivator is global. Even though our warehouse is based out of Surrey, British Columbia, our reach is much farther than the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Ever since we opened up shop in 2011, we've been able to provide many with fresh, organic, and sustainable food. We started with our friends in the U.S., but thanks to our incredible growth, we're really proud to say that we are now available in over 10 countries. Urban Cultivator now has official distributors and dealers in the UK, Mongolia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, Singapore, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. Our good friends and official distributors in Norway are getting a lot of press, and we are thoroughly thrilled with the attention. Take a look at the media coverage that Norway has received, and stay tuned for more exciting Urban Cultivator updates!