Healthy Food

Broccoli You've been urged a few hundred times at the very least to "eat your broccoli." Parents know best, right? So you did. You sat at the dinner table, and you pretended you were a giant eating teeny, tiny trees. Well, as it turns out your parents wishes for you weren't unfounded. For many years, we were told by people in fancy white jackets that vegetables such as broccoli—called cruciferous vegetables—had properties that could "kill cancer cells." But do you know why?

69f0c00a-9b7a-aec0-8201ec19a12cb3ee-3690329 Red wine—in moderation—is supposed to be very good for you. White wine? That's up for debate. Whatever the discussion may be, wine is always great with food. Wine and food pairings can elevate one's dining experience. So, we've put together a little guide that shows what types of herbs goes best with which wines. Remember: never bruise (chop it to death) your herbs, and always cook with the wine you're drinking. If you use bad wine to cook, that'll come through in your cooking!

tropical-green-smoothie-3-31-2076303 Between demanding lifestyles and busy work schedules, it can be incredibly difficult to maintain a good diet. Studies suggest that you need seven to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. In the event that you can't envision yourself casually snacking of two whole heads of broccoli or eating 10 whole bananas (unless you're this girl) each day, here are some awesome green smoothies that pack a punch in both flavor and nutrients.