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How to Prune Herbs for the Best and Freshest Results

fresh herbs

Image via Thrive Garden


If you want your herb garden to grow into its most luscious, abundant self, then you need to know how to prune. Pruning is essentially snipping off leaves and some parts of stems of your plants, which will prompt them to continue to grow.

In doing so, you can control the shape of your garden, as well as its size! Here are some top tips on pruning your herbs. Continue reading “How to Prune Herbs for the Best and Freshest Results” »

How to Grow Lettuce Indoors

Fresh lettuce

One complaint that people have about eating healthy is the lack of high-quality organic produce. It can be hard to source your own greens, such as lettuce. But why purchase lettuce when you can easily grow your own?

Satisfy the culinary adventurer within you and start from scratch to grow your own lettuce. We've got some tips on how to do just that. Continue reading “How to Grow Lettuce Indoors” »

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