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Urban Grow Journal #1 - My First Crop

My name is Eric and just a little over two weeks ago I received my Kitchen Cultivator from Urban Cultivator.

I've been really excited to show the Kitchen Cultivator in action in my home and I already have some results.

The first crops that I have planted are Pea Tendrils, Spinach, Arugula and Cilantro... and believe me I am completely stoked to have fresh Arugula in November (and in Vancouver no less!). Continue reading “Urban Grow Journal #1 - My First Crop” »

WEEK 1 - Grow Your Own ANYWHERE - Our In-Office Grow Journal

Today is an exciting day at our marketing office in Los Angeles! Today we get our new Kitchen Cultivator dropped off at the office and we are having our resident grow guru, Kyle help to get everything hooked up and off to the races. The KC unit is┬ásurprisingly┬ásimple to hook up. We are expecting to see sprouts in the next few days so stay tuned! Continue reading “WEEK 1 - Grow Your Own ANYWHERE - Our In-Office Grow Journal” »

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