Fresh Thinking Chefs

1800353_10152627071995376_5990062926307874340_n Some of our favorite customers are our chefs. Not only do some of them create the most beautiful and inspired dishes with Urban Cultivator-grown greens, but there are a few who have been using them in very unique ways. Like Chef Darren Brown. Chef Darren Brown has been working in Vancouver for many years now, and was one of the first chefs to incorporate the Urban Cultivator into his craft.

Tim Cuff, West Oak's Executive Chef "Eat Better Food" is a recurring feature that highlights the amazing restaurants that use Urban Cultivators and Urban Cultivator-grown greens. leaves Vancouver is in a transitional phase right now. Before, it was a city whose restaurants were solely focused on quality food that was imported from abroad. It wanted the best cheeses from France, the best foie gras from Quebec, the juiciest mangos from Mexico. Now, things are changing. While there is still a very real demand for the same quality food, there's also the understanding that we need to support our local farmers. And what has Vancouver learned? That food that's in season and locally sourced actually tastes better. It's the best that farms could possibly offer. This is the very core of Tim Cuff's approach, West Oak's Executive Chef.

Urban Cultivator Commercial You've heard from our Urban Cultivator Residential customers. The UC-R can grow up to four flats of fresh and health greens, and is perfect for the home kitchen. Many of our customers, though, are comprised of restaurants, and our chefs love their Urban Cultivator Commercial units. The UC-C has the ability to grow 16 flats of microgreens, vegetables, and herbs, and it shows the restaurants' commitment to sustainability and freshness. Check out what some of our chef customers have to say about their Urban Cultivator Commercial units below!

How would you like to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant and have part of your dinner planted that day. Then, a few weeks later you dine on the very same fresh herbs cut just moments before they are meticulously plated and served. That is exactly what one Burnaby chef has done from his kitchen at Peartree Restaurant. Scott Jaeger, who represented Canada at the 2007 Bocuse d'Or culinary competition in Lyon France, has been using his Commercial Cultivator to produce amazing flats of Chervil, Celery tops, Spinach and watercress for use in his upscale continental restaurant.

From growing his own mushrooms, to a rooftop garden, Chef Tory serves up amazingly fresh dishes from his kitchen at Sidecut restaurant in the Four Seasons Resort in Whistler BC. The most recent addition to his fresh forward thinking however comes in the form of two Commercial Cultivators and a Kitchen Cultivator. Allowing Chef Tory to use the freshest flavours for his dishes, the two Commercial Cultivators and one Kitchen Cultivator provide 10 flats of micro-greens per week to his restaurant and hotel visitors.